Saturday, July 21, 2007

If It’s Wednesday It Must Be Wine Country

Benziger Vineyards: A great tour! We only had one full day in Sonoma so we wanted to take a tour of one of the big wineries. Benziger gives you a real tour of their operation: explaining how factors such as volcanic ash affect the soil making the Sonoma Valley one of the best places for growing grapes. They do not use any pesticides, instead they have an “insectory” on one of the hills where all kinds of herbs attract beneficial insects and lizards for more earth-friendly pest control.

After we toured the Benziger winery we went to the Mayo Estate Winery. We loved the cabernet and the sauvignon blanc and ordered some to be shipped back home. Our next stop was the wine at the Cohen winery, where, feeling the effects of our past two trips, we split a tasting.

Sonoma is not exactly a motorcycle-friendly town to tour in. It wasn’t that the natives didn’t like us, it was that the Electraglide is for highway riding, not for frequent stop signs and narrow one way roads (on which most of the drivers, having been touring wineries all day themselves, were not as careful as we would have liked them to be).

So we headed back to our room with a bottle of the Cohen sauvignon blanc and gave Steve a smiley tattoo.

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