Saturday, July 21, 2007

Drive-Through Tree, Leggett, California

The next day we head on down to Sonoma. Our Innkeeper suggests we take a quick detour to Leggett to go to the Chandelier Tree, one of the Drive Through Redwoods.
So 80 miles after Eureka we find the tree, I hop off, snap this pic, and we head back onto 101.

Here, we also meet our second Earl of the trip. The first was at the Cornelius Daly. He and his wife sat next to us at breakfast. They came all the way from Missouri to tour the area. Earl travels for his job as a consultant, and, in the small world department, mentioned he had been to Fitchburg on business!

Our second Earl in Leggett came from Mississippi and had never been to California. I wish I had gotten a pic of him. He had long white hair, wore a grand white beard, overalls with no tee shirt underneath, and had a strong, lovely sounding drawl

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