Saturday, July 21, 2007

Avenue of the Giants

We sleep like babies. The next morning after a gourmet breakfast at the Inn we head down to the Avenue of the Giants: The Redwood Forest. We ride on 101 for about an hour and it’s great. No cars, winding well paved highways, and not a cloud in the sky.

Our first view of these giants is intimidating. Up close and personal they seem like they might come alive because they seem so supernatural. Everything people said about them was true, and we wrapped our arms around them as instructed.

I’m from the puny Northeast so I’m thinking we’ll be at the forest for about an hour, see a tree or two and head back. DUH! The Avenue of the Giants is a long road that parallels 101 winding through the forest with many stops along the way. Before we discover this we take a few snaps of these magnificent trees, trying to capture the scale of them.

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